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Financing for Exporting Companies

Loan intended to finance the following:

  • Working Capital, including the acquisition of all kind of goods including temporary imports of input related to the production of goods for export.
  • Investments, including financing of new, domestic or foreign machines and equipment for the production of goods intended for export or enabling the increase of production of exportable goods.


Well known export companies from all economic sectors maintaining a credit relationship with the Bank, and with enough foreign currency inflows from their exports for repayment.


US Dollar

Financial Support

It is set for each user in terms of the amount, term and risk of customer and shall be consistent with the expected inflows in foreign currency from its exports.


At the Bank’s discretion


Users shall be registered with the Registrar of Importers and Exporters of Dirección General de Aduanas (the Argentine Customs Administration). They shall also submit an affidavit stating that they shall not incur additional credits for export exceeding 80% of the expected inflows in foreign currency from its exports, in the aggregate.

Users shall commit to repaying credit through the proceeds of export collections which inflow and settlement in the foreign exchange market shall be conducted through the Bank.