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Financing for the participation in International Fairs and Expositions

Loans in Argentine pesos, aimed at financing the participation of exporters and/or producers residing in Argentina in international fairs and expositions.


The exporter and/or producer shall have the financial resources necessary to cover the expenses arising from the participation in events abroad to promote their products and/or services, contact potential customers or suppliers, learn about the market characteristics, etc.


Las personas físicas o jurídicas, exportadoras y/o productoras de bienes y servicios argentinos que participen en ferias, exposiciones o salones internacionales.

Characteristics of the Loan

It is a loan in Argentine pesos, for terms up to 2 years and financing may cover up to 70% of the expenses with a maximum of $ 120.000, per beneficiary and per international fair or exposition.
The expenses financed by BNA are the following: stand rental, design, and setting-up; audio-visual equipment rental; brochures and promotional material expenses; freight and insurance of the items to be displayed excluding expenses for nationalization of products displayed, participants’ transport tickets and accommodation.


  • Credit relationship between the exporter/producer and BNA.
  • Guarantees at BNA’s discretion.
  • Affidavit wherein the Argentine exporter/producer states, inter alia, the International Fair or Exposition taking place abroad in which they shall participate, the total amount of expenses borne thereby, the amount of any support or subsidies that the host countries or entities may grant, and the amount of the support requested to BNA.

Financing for the participation in International Fairs

Users Natural and/or legal persons, exporters and/or producers of Argentine goods and services.
Support Up to 70% of the expenses with a maximum of $ 120.000. (1)
Plazo Up to 2 years.
Guarantees At the Bank’s discretion.
Covered expenses Stand design, rental, and setting-up; brochures and promotional material; freight and insurance of the items to be displayed, transport tickets and accommodation.